To create the awareness that knowledge in CPR can make the difference between LIFE and DEATH.

To prepare the participants to be confident and competent First Responder.


AV & Multi-media Presentation

80% Hands-on Practical Session (every participant will have the opportunity to administer CPR and Choking relieve method)


As most of the time would be spent on the practical session, in which active participation from the participants is sought; it is advisable for ladies to wear jeans/pants.


Session I: Introduction to Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

– Why should you learn CPR?

– Management and skills

Skill Session:

– Recovery Position

– Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

– Choking (conscious and unconsciousness

Session 2: Introduction to First Aid

– Why is emergency aid so important?

– Definition and principles of first aid

– Assessing the situation and casualty (DRCAB)

– Body examination and management

: The Breathing System

– Definition of Respiration

– Failure of breathing (Asphyxia)

– General Management

: The Circulatory System

– Mechanism of Circulations

– Blood volume and composition

– Checking of Pulse (Skill)

: Disorders of the Circulatory System

– Definition & classification of wounds

– Management of internal & external bleeding

– Definition of shock, fainting, causes and management

Session 4: Burns and Scalds

– Definition and causes of burns and scalds

– Assessment the rule of nine

– General management of burns and scalds

: Dressings and Bandages / Skills

– Functions and properties of dressing and bandages

– Simple bandaging

– Immobilizing & Improvising fractures

: Fracture and Soft Tissues Injuries

– Definition and causes of fracture and dislocation

– Definition and causes of sprain, strain & cramp

– General management of soft tissue injuries

Session 7Poisoning

  • Definition of poison

  • How poison enters the body

  • General management of poisoning

Medical Emergencies

– Asthma attacks, Epilepsy, Hysteria, Diabetes

– High temperature, Hypertension, Other Related Conditions

– Introduction to First Aid Box

Session 8: Lifting and Carrying & Case Management

  • Principles of lifting

  • Factors which influence the decision to move

  • Conditions which govern selection of method

  • Methods of lifting and carrying victims (Skills)

# Case Scenario Base Management

Participants will be given emergency cases and they will have to attend according to time frame given

Revision – Theory & Skills

Final Assessment: – Written Test (objective)

  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)


  • Scenario Case Management

Exam : Theory, Oral, Practical, CPR

End of Course and Final Assessment

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